Information about Hadiach High School n.a. Olena Pchilka
of Hadiach District Council of Poltava Region

Address: Hetmanska 35 Street, Hadiach town, Poltava region 37300

Telephone: (05354) 2-17-55, (05354) 2-14-90


Wed address:

Principal: Smirnova Tetyana Yuriivna

The Hadiach High School n.a. Olena Pchilka is a modern educational institution where ideal conditions for creativity, development and self-expression of pupils have been created.

The aim of work of its teachers` staff is to develop a social mature, creative personality, citizen of Ukraine as a free, spiritually rich and happy person.

The High School nowadays consists of 22 grades, 544 pupils, 62 members of teacher staff.

Two major directions of studying are carried out here, they are economical and informational-technological.

The administration of the High School and teachers’ staff think that a modern young person should have key knowledge and know peculiarities of market economy and own business organization for successful self-fulfillment. In 10 years we managed to find our own view of field-oriented study organization, and in addition to this to find a wise compromise in combining general developing subjects with special knowledge of economics.

At the bottom of conception of economics education in the High School stands the continuity principle, that means spreading of the economics education system to all school levels (primary school – 3,4 grades, secondary – 5-9 grades, senior – 10–11 grades).

Winning in many district, regional academic competitions and participating in academic competition of talented pupils from all Ukraine, winning in Ukrainian economics game "The Banks in action", "MESE" game and results of entering our pupils to the economic faculties of the universities states about the right decision to follow this way.

Fulfillment of informational technological direction of studying and the access to the global web give an opportunity to use modern technologies and methods in studying.

In the High School a great attention is paid to the questions connected with finding, teaching, guidance and appropriate development of gifted children. After all, the problem of giftedness is a challenging thing of philosophical, psychological, pedagogical way. In our High School there is a data base called "Obdarovanist" ("Giftedness") where pupil`s personality development from the first till eleventh grade is monitored.

The Project work takes the important place in the life of our High School. The pedagogical staff gained significant experience in using of project method as an effective form of working with pupils. In development of creative potential of our pupils contributed the participation in a great variety of projects : "The person of the year", "Young Star", "My parents` land is my land", "My country is Ukraine", "We give warmth of our hearts to the orphans", "Years fly fast", "Music club", "Business Projects contest", "Future Stars"," We learn about countries of all over the world", "Hohol and modern life ", school newspaper "Soniashnyk"("Sunflower"). In 2007 – 2008 the project of our High School "Rushnuk of Unity" which had an aim to show traditions and customs of Ukrainian people won the first prize among 126 schools of Ukraine in the contest organized by PAUSI Foundation (Poland) within the framework of the students exchange program "Together" that gave a chance to gifted pupils to take part in Polish-Ukrainian students exchange.

The High School also deals with international activity. For 4 years a lot of volunteers from Peace Corps (USA) have worked in our High School.

The Head of Peace Corps (USA) Carl Back visited the High School and was acquainted with our work experience in volunteers’ cooperation. Four students from the High School won the first prizes in Program of Exchange of future leaders named FLEX.

The pedagogical staff of the High School work at principles of scientific approach as for national culture characteristics , its local peculiarity and general matters. We cannot but mention about spiritual aura which you can feel in the High School that helps to stimulate further creative activities of our pupils and develop a wish to be a part of this small Native Land called School without which there is no harmony in life.

A fundamental work was carried out by our High School within a framework of the project "Olena Pchilka and Hadiach" after which the school was named after this talented poetess. Our goal is to become a spiritual and cultural center of our town. There is a room- museum of writing and creative life of Olena Pchilka in our High School. Too many famous guests visited our High School, among them : Honored actor of Ukraine M.Hadenko, poetesses N.Baklay and Z.Kucheriava, the head of publishing house "Veselka" Hojan Y.P., senior editor deputy of newspaper "Silski visti" Yasenovskyj, director of the film studio a.n. Dovzhenko Kostjuk V.S.

The teachers of Hadiach High School understand that work with gifted pupils is happiness, and the ability to estimate the talent and help its shaping is a great gift.

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